Our Process


Our Organic farm or the other farms we deal with allow no synthetic chemicals, fertilizers, or pesticides to be used during the cultivation processes. Our experts always ensure that we get the whole pure fruit of Coffee plants and even checks the soil regularly


This process is for converting the raw fruit of the coffee plant into the finished coffee ready for roasting that can have a significant effect on the flavor of roasted or brewed coffee. We study the structure of every fruit type before selecting the ideal process so the bean can absorb the best natural flavor.

    The most famous Coffee Processes are
  • Wet Process (also known as Wash or Washed).
  • Dry Process (also known as Natural or Unwashed).
  • Semi-Dry Process (also known as Honey or Pulped Natural)

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Well, here comes the sensitive stage that creates the perfect coffee to drink yet healthy and pure. We select the best hot air roasting equipment; we use a trustable Italian-made hot air engine to roast the beans purely, our experts invest a lot of time and efforts to develop the ideal roasting profiles based on the structure of each coffee bean type. We roast our coffee only light or medium and never go to dark levels or burnt coffee as we claim to be healthy people; we keep as maximum as we can of the amazing antioxidant properties of coffee while giving you a delicious cup to enjoy. Dark roast impacts the antioxidants properties in coffee so terribly. And in fact, as darker as you roast the coffee as much as you lose the caffeine. We freshly roast your coffee.

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Coffee is not an ordinary drink, it’s a tradition that changes from culture to another and from country to another, according to the way you prefer to make your coffee we grind the coffee right before packing & sending to you; each different way of brewing or making the coffee has its own necessity of grinding size to ensure the consistency of your coffee drink.

  • From various countries we create our coffee guides.

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We care about small details of our coffee, environmental-friendly packaging or green-packaging is designed to be eco-conscious. This type of packages is made from renewable materials that can be easily recycled and safe for humans to use as well as the environment. Not only that but we also sterilize the package before loading it with your coffee then we sterilize it once more after loading and sealing to ensure the safety and purity.

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